Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Resolutions

Christmas is over.

There are only 4 days left in 2008. Soon, this year will be over forever and a new year will be upon is. That means it's time for resolutions again. Yipee.

2008 was a rough year for many, but for me it was blessed. I had a perfect, healthy babe. I brought my GPA up a bit more. I did okay financial. I think I did better than expected for someone who hasn't worked since June 2006. I came out nearly unscathed from a horrific car accident. I am happy, healthy, and whole. So what if I haven't lost a pound of baby weight. Their are people who lost their life savings in the Madoff scheme.

So for 2009, I refuse to try to "fix" myself. I am going to forgo the promises of chaning myself. I am constantly changing and evolving anyway. I am organic like that. Instead, my focus is going to be on enriching my life and the lives of my kids. So these are my resolutions:

1. Once a month, we we go to a restaurant that serves food of another culture. Prior to going, we will do a little research. We will find the country in our atlas and on our world map. We will look at pictures and listen to music. Then, we go eat. I know I want to do Japanese, Indian, Greek, and German. I need some other. There's Thai and I am still seven short. Any suggestions? I think we have a Somalian or Ethiopian restaurant. Still need six.

2. Every first Sunday, it's dollar day at the state musuem. We need to be there. On Jan 4, we will be seeing a Leonardo da Vinci exhibit.

3. Zoo once a month, too. We actually do that almost every month. We go more when the weather is nice. So, we missed November, but we can still make December.

4. Read the entire "Chronicles of Narnia" out loud. We are already halfway through "The Magician's Nephew."

5. Gradually move all of our produce to the organic side.

6. Grow at least one veggie and/or fruit this spring. That's a biggie because we are apartment dwellers.

7. Spend less, save more. Put that sewing machine, that crochet needle, and those knitting needles to work.

8. Learn to knit. Even if I have to find a YouTube video to show me.

9. Make the kids hats and scarves for the winter. But not gloves, because gloves are super cheap. You can get 2 pair for $1.49 at Target. I want to make hats as gifts for next Christmas, too.

Oh, and don't forget:

10. Lose 20 lbs. They are New Year's Resolutions

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quitecontrary1977 said...

I love these resolutions much more than the typical "lose weight", "save money". I'm not doing those either. I like myself as I am, but we could all use more enrichment!

Have a Happy New Year!
- Mary