Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Baby Wearing

Yes, my son is spoiled.

His father and I spoiled him.

That is, if you mean my baby doesn't get to cry much and is held a lot. Then by all means, the Side Salad is spoiled ROTTEN.

I am a slightly attached parent and I wear him a lot. I've been AP since before it was cool. I wore the Astronaut in a Snuggli and allowed him to sleep with me. Little T has it even better-he rides around in a cool camo Lucky-Baby sling http://www.lucky-baby.com/p_home.asp . It's a pouch and it's in the Noah pattern. I have an Oliver, too, but I misplaced it. Here he is in the Lucky-Baby. Please disregard the high chair, artwork, and other general clutter.

And a better pic from Lucky-Baby. They are really cute and priced wonderfully!

However, I have been itching to try a mei tai, but mei teis can been really expensive. Mei tais are kind of like really soft and beautiful Snugglis. Enter Cuddling Baby. Here are some truly affordable mei tais! Check her out http://cuddlingbaby.com/default.aspx and http://search.stores.ebay.com/CUDDLING-BABY_cuddling-baby_W0QQfcdZ2QQfrtsZ0QQftsZ1QQsaselZ314840329QQsofpZ0 .

So, what's better than affordable mei tai? Free mei tai, of course! Andrea of Momma in Flip Flops2 is having a giveaway. Visit her blog at http://mommainflipflops2.blogspot.com/2008/09/cuddling-baby-mei-tais-review-giveaway.html for a chance to win! Good luck!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Things I Want

I want my children to have a beautiful and memorable childhood. If I won the lottery, I'd buy me some land in Irmo (the 'burbs, but still close to civilization). It would have trees and a pond. We'd have dogs and there'd be a few ducks or geese on the pond. The pond would have fish, bream or something else that we can eat. Maybe even get some chickents so that we can have fresh eggs. If I was feeling really fancy we might get a cow or two for fresh milk. I don't know about all that upkeep though. I love some goats, though. I'd have a huge garden with yummy tomatoes. I'd grow cucumbers, carrots, potatoes, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, apples, muscadines, oranges, pears, pecans, and all sorts of things.

My kids would run barefoot and do chores. I'd homeschool them. We'd go on trips to other countries and immerese ourselves in the food, the arts and the culture-Greece, Spain, Japan, Morocco. It would be a beautiful life.

I need a Powerball ticket.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hello, grass, nice to meet you.

I have been taking the ed psyc class and I think it's really opening my mind to some new theories. Kind of a Piaget-Vygotsky hybrid. Anyways, I was thinking about experiences and how children formulate new ideas and understanding from experiences. I want my children to have a childhood rich with experiences, so after church today I sat Little T (aka Side Salad) in the grass. He's only 6 months old, so he hasn't had a lot of hands on outside time.

He had fun, pulling up blades and tossing them through the air. It was a beautiful moment. I wish I'd snapped a pic of him being cute. It was such an adorable moment. He's a gorgeous little fella.

You'll have to settle for this one.