Friday, December 5, 2008

Stuff I want for the kids

Christmas is rapidly approaching. I have been eying some things online for the bunnies. Here ares somethings I heart:

A stainless steel water bottle for each kid. I worry about stuff like BPA. The panda is $15 at Amazon. Bigger bottles are $18 to $20, depending on size.

The entire "Magic Tree House" series, by Mary Pope Osborne. My son absolutely loves these books. He learns without knowing that he is learning. Does it get any better? They are about $4 each on Books-a-Million.

A Putumayo Kids collection! I pretty much want every single cd they make. Right now, they are running a buy two get one free special so my top three are Brazillian, Latin and Animal Playgrounds. We already have the Sesame Street Playground (courtesy of Megret at Muse Reviews) and the kids love it.Pretty much any set of blocks by HABA. Oompa has tons, ranging from about $25 on up. This set, the Fantasy blocks, is $37
The Oak Leaf Layered Puzzle from LivingPlaying which is only $16.99.
The Star music wand. It makes music when you tap it on things. Perfect for a princess at only $9.95 from Natural Pod.

What are you getting your little people?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

We had a date!

That's right! Lettuce and I had a date last night. I have been waist deep in school stuff and was totally stressed out. He said that he was going out with a friend. I commented that he and I should be going out. He said great idea, get dressed and that was all she wrote!

He called his friend and told him I was coming, too.

We went to Copper River, a really nice restaurant not far from us. He had a couple of beers. I had two Goose and pineapples. His friend had something. We all split a Fredo Bodean pizza (bacon, mozzerella, bleu cheese and roasted peppers-yum!) I wish I'd taken a picture of the pizza LOL Anywho, his buddy snapped this pic of us.

Good times.