Thursday, December 4, 2008

We had a date!

That's right! Lettuce and I had a date last night. I have been waist deep in school stuff and was totally stressed out. He said that he was going out with a friend. I commented that he and I should be going out. He said great idea, get dressed and that was all she wrote!

He called his friend and told him I was coming, too.

We went to Copper River, a really nice restaurant not far from us. He had a couple of beers. I had two Goose and pineapples. His friend had something. We all split a Fredo Bodean pizza (bacon, mozzerella, bleu cheese and roasted peppers-yum!) I wish I'd taken a picture of the pizza LOL Anywho, his buddy snapped this pic of us.

Good times.


T.Allen-Mercado said...

Aww how sweet, dates are good every now and then.

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

I love it! Impromptu dates are great. Nice picture.