Tuesday, November 11, 2008

No More Pinchies! [stuff i like]

Side Salad is a notorious pincher. He is my 8 month old (has it been that long already?) nursling. He is a hefty little guy with awesome fine motor skills. That is my nice way of saying he pinches very, very well. He loves to pinch while he is nursing. I think he does it to make sure he has my full, undivided attention. Sometimes if I nod off, he'll kindly pinch me to make sure that I am staring at him while he nurses. It's a service he provides for free. Anywho, I saw the nurse purse on a blog a while back and tried to win one. Didn't win, but ordered one anyways. I have to say, it's the best $12 I've spent in a long time. Side salad toys with it, turning it over in his sweet little hands. I got it from Risky Beads on Etsy. The best part is, it's a really pretty necklace. The one I have is called Fidelity, and it looks like obsidian.

Quite lovely, whether you are nursing or not. Check her out if you have a pincher or if you like one of a kind pieces. She sells a lot of things other than the Nurse Purse and she ships super quick-a huge plus when you are being pinched! Tell her Regina sent you.
Here it is, clutched in his tiny little claw:

Here is Side Salad nursing-no pinchies! He has his hands wrapped around it.

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