Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My new wetbag! [stuff I like]

This is my new wetbag. It's black with a green butterfly pattern. Obviously, I did not take this picture because it looks good whereas my pictures suck. I really need a new camera.

I see the pattern as a compromise; green and black for Side Salad, butterflies for the Mommy. Anywho, I got it from SMJAE on Hyena Cart, which I heard about on Momma in FlipFlops2. Andrea always knows where the good stuff is . It was $12 bucks, far less than the twenty bucks or more everyone else seems to want to charge. And it's pretty roomy. There's a zipper at the top to keep messes in and everything. And Michelle ships super fast, which is always a plus for me. I needed a new wetbag like the day before yesterday LOL I really want another one, which is why I entered Andrea's giveaway on Momma in FlipFlops2. You should, too. Even if you don't win, Andrea's got a coupon code.

I am not telling what it is. You have to go find out yourself.

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