Saturday, September 27, 2008

A DIRE Emergency This Morning

As I was attempting to sleep late on a Saturday morning (and the term late is relative-I just wanted to sleep until 9 am), I heard a crash and a scream. I knew the children were up because they all marched into my room at around 7:30 or 8 to let me know that they were ready for breakfast. I told them to eat some cereal.

Anyways, back to the crash and scream. I had ever intention of simply ignoring it and continuing my slumber. However, it turned into moaning. My mommy sense started tingling and I headed downstairs to see what it was.

A sink full of blood. Well, not full, but enough to be alarmed. T had "fallen" off the couch and her teeth cut her lip. I had her gargle with some salt water so I could assess the direness of the situation. There were 3 punctures. By now, my girl had my full attention and wasn't about to let it go. T is a clever girl, and files away information for later use. Obviously she knew that when someone hit their head, they are not supposed to go to sleep (or that's what my mama told me). So my princess starts in with "I feel like I need to go to head wants me to go to sleep..." To add a touch of realize, she tried to go prostrate across my lap like a swooning Southern belle. Nice try, Toots.

It was nothing apple cinnamon pancakes couldn't fix.

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