Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

Ni hao!

It is the year of the Ox. We celebrated in style with a dinner of roast duck, orange ginger tiliapia, steamed broccoli, fried rice, and Chinese noodles, with tangerines and fortune cookies on the side. We toasted with sparkling apple cider.

Squirrel and I originally went to the local Asian market in search of duck. They had duck, of course, but it was looking at me through the plastic. Literally. The ducks they had were "Buddhist style," which as far as I can tell means that the head and feet are still attached. My goal was to introduce my kids to new foods and I didn't want to terrify them so I went to Bi-Lo and got a less personable water fowl. I roasted my duckie and glazed it with some Iron Chef Orange Ginger sauce.

Here is the duck, who we affectionately called "Mr. Duck-Duck." Forgive my ugly roasting pan. It gets the job done.

Anyways, the food was much lovlier when plated.

Here is a shot of the table decorated with a pyramid of tangerines and plums.

It was a lovely meal and the kids enjoyed it. They also discovered that they like duck. Misson completed with flying colors.


Stace said...

i ate 3 big assed ox-tails for the year of the ox. with rice

Gina said...

That's hood.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

I had an orange-does that count? (We're vegetarians) Happy Chinese New Year...I'm an ox, how about you?

Gina said...

LOL oranges most definitely count. The Chinese word for orange is similar to the word for wealth. I guess if you ate greens on New Year's Day, you are in for double the money!

I am a rooster, and my kids are a dragon, horse, rooster, and rat, respectively.